I’m not fit – can I do yoga?

Yes, absolutely. There is no assumed level of fitness required for the yoga classes and workshops I teach. You could be a couch potato or an athlete, yoga can benefit everyone. Yoga can help you gain a sense of physical confidence and overall well-being.

In fact you are a perfect candidate for yoga. Many people think that they need to be flexible to begin yoga, but that’s a little bit like thinking that you need to be able to play tennis in order to take tennis lessons. Come as you are and you will find that yoga practice will help you become more flexible. This newfound agility will be balanced by strength, coordination as well as a sense of physical confidence and overall well-being.

Yoga offers many physical and mental health benefits, including improved flexibility, increased strength and muscle tone, improved posture, improved respiration, increased energy, improved concentration, improved cardiovascular health, improved joint health, improved digestion, improved balance, and improved mental clarity. Additionally, yoga can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and can help improve overall well-being.




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